Eloise DeJoria has partnered as a brand ambassador for Flora

Eloise DeJoria has partnered as a brand ambassador for Flora, a premium nutraceutical company that produces plant-based, organic supplements using ingredients that are sustainably grown and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

“I’m excited to partner with Flora, as the company’s values align so closely with my own…with family being at the heart of everything they do. Flora’s commitment to providing premium, quality products, centered around using plant-based, organic and non-GMO ingredients, is at the very core of who they are, and family is the reason for this commitment. Their products inspire health and celebrate all the wisdom that mother nature provides.”

In addition to partnering with a company committed to promoting health, family and the planet, Eloise is donating 100% of the proceeds of her campaigns to Baby2Baby.

Baby2Baby provides low-income families with children 12 and under with the basics every child deserves including diapers and clothing.

Austin Fit Magazine: At Home with John Paul and Eloise DeJoria

Eloise and her husband, John Paul, sit  down with Melanie Moore to discuss their passion for philanthropy, as well as living a healthy and fit life.

“John Paul and Eloise DeJoria have a lot of experience as philanthropists. He became a philanthropist as a small child, and she learned from her father how to give back even when traveling for business. They love to talk about the lives they are changing, but not so much about how much they give—though they give a lot.”

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