Eloise DeJoria businesses all work to further at least one of her core values of ecological responsibility, good health and the improvement of women’s lives.

Ultimate Face Cosmetics

Partner. Ultimate Face Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics line designed for stylists and makeup artists that empowers them with the education and tools to please their clients for greater profitability.  UFC offers seminars and workshops, the Ultimate Makeup Academy, National Artists Program and custom formulated products that are designed to please discerning clients.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare

Founder. Located in Georgetown, Texas, Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers a full continuum of addiction treatment programs designed to support those in recovery along the entire path to wellness. A highly personalized treatment plan is designed for each client utilizing both cutting-edge and traditional treatment options. The Arbor is well known for its Equine Assisted Therapy program and its active support of the local alumni community as well as families of addiction sufferers.

Renew Logic

Co-Founder. Renew Logic is an industry leader in reverse logistics. Its R2 compliant business protects the planet by providing environmentally sustainable disposal of electronics, while at the same time providing companies with the ability to recover value from end-of-life assets.